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"Ms. Roxs's book is explicit without being offensive. It teaches about the sexuality of marriage in a frank and wholesome way that is sure to strengthen the marriage bond. With so many outside influences tearing down this bond, Ms. Roxs's book is a welcomed support. She reminds us of the God-given pleasures of marriage, so often forgotten or made frustrating by lack of knowledge. Her book fulfills that need for sex education within marriage and goes beyond that to cover new ideas and techniques. Kudos go to her for having the freedom and courage to share them."

Jane Cairo, LCSW, ACSW Psychotherapist and Author.

Men: Do you want to learn the secret technique to give her hour long orgasms?

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This book teaches men how to give women



Plus a new way to make love.The "Horizontal Slide Technique".

"Women can experience intense sexual stimulation from the X-Spot. Debbie Roxs is the first to show women and their partners how to access the X-Spot reliably."

- Barbara Kessling, Ph. D., Author of
"How to Make Love All Night" and
"Super Sexual Orgasms"


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This site contains no pornography, but has explicit adult material.  Your entering this site means that you are at least 21 years of age and are abiding by the local laws where you live.

The book and the site are women & couples friendly.





Question: How long does a woman's climax last?
Answer: According to Herbert A. Otto, Ph.D. author of "Liberated Orgasm", the average female climax lasts 25 seconds. According to Sexpert, Debbie Tideman author of "The X-Spot Orgasm", a woman has the potential to have orgasms lasting up to an hour.

At a bus stop.

Now available for cell phones with MP3 capability, you can have you cell phone ring with the sound of an orgasm!!!

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This site is for married couples to add erotic fun and discovery to their relationship, no matter how long they have been together.

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